MT4 Web Platform is trading platform based on latest HTML5 technology for MT4 brokers. The MT4 web platform is ideal for Financial Institutions looking to add a scalable web based solution to their existing trading tools. Brokers can easily integrate the web platform to their existing framework with few simple steps.
The market data engine components collects all the tick data from the matching engine or external exchange and stores it in tick as well as OHLC format. The historical data server manages all the tick/OHLC data and manages various caches for speed.
LTech provides easy to use, well documented manager APIs in the form of Web Services and C++ dlls, for MT4 and MT5 that can be used by third party developers. The APIs connects directly to MT4 or MT5 servers using manager credentials, and exposes all functionality available in MT4/MT5 manager or Admin terminal.
Even though there are many brokers’ tools available that almost fulfill the requirements of brokers, traders, Asset Managers and various stake holders involved in the financial market, still there are some unique requirements which needs either customization of already available solution or development of a custom application.

Client Reviews
Working with LTech India was a satisfactory surprise, even though we had some delays in the middle of our project you responded just as we were expecting you to do it, you were also very professional handling our requirements and I'm personally thankful for your support and disposition whenever I needed help from you.
His ability to handle multiple complex IT problems; his work ethic that won't quit; his understanding of business processes and cultural styles in many foreign countries; and his ability to operate both strategically and tactically are the business skills and qualities which first come to mind when I think of Bhaskar. On a personal level Bhaskar is made of the highest ethical fiber I know and has a deep understanding of business "rhythms". In sum Bhaskar is an excellent business partner with a passion for clear and practical approaches to R&D software development and outsourcing
Ioannis Tarnanas, ARTORG Center for Biomedical Engineering Research at University of Bern (Official)
When we're looking for outsourcing software development, we look for a responsive, committed development partner, not just a technical resource. lTechIndia has been a valuable partner for many years and we look forward to several more high-quality projects with them.
Scott Best, Echogent Systems Inc
Bhaskar is very active and get project done on time. He gave us good idea on software architecture with his professional knowledge. I’m glad to say I will continue to work with him in the next project
Jiang Zhongquan
LTech worked with PFG from June 2007 till 2012 and worked on the following projects;
1. Connectivity with Realtick for Equities as well as Options on Equities
2. Managing API issues related to CME Order server
3. Upgrading CME server as per upgraded protocols and compliance
4. Connectivity to EUREX server for Data feed
Apart from these LTech also did work on various projects like ePub Reader, RSS Feed and a Web trading platform. LTech did a very good job at prices that were very competitive
Russ Wasendorf Jr, President and CEO – Complete Developer LLC, USA